Our History

4i9egrz5tUnity in the Dunes history spans thirty-eight years’ of meeting in love and fellowship.


It began in 1978 in the home of Reverend Carol Biggs.   Carol was a new student of the Fillmore teachings and had a deep desire to share the Unity teachings with others.  The group met once a week, read the Daily Word, and listened to tapes by various Unity ministers.


In 1979, Reverend Carol met Reverend Richard Billings, from Unity Church of Oak Park in Chicago.  He offered to come to our area to teach classes and bring leadership to Unity in the Dunes. Reverend Billings came out every week for two years but his help did not end there.  He continued to help Reverend Carol and Unity in the Dunes in many ways over the years.  He remains an integral part of our Unity in the Dunes history. If not for him, Unity in the Dunes would not exist.



During these years, Unity in the Dunes study group continued meeting in many different places—hotels, homes, an insurance office, and an art studio— under the leadership of then Licensed Unity Teacher Carol Biggs with Marie Heddens, Licensed Unity Teacher assisting.



On Halloween Day in 1999 we held our first Sunday service at the Memorial Opera House, Valparaiso, Indiana.  By this time Reverend Carol was serving Unity in the Dunes as the Spiritual Leader, and in 2007 Reverend Carol was ordained a Unity minister. We held services and classes at the Opera House until 2009.  We then rented a building on HWY 130 in Valparaiso.  Reverend Carol retired and Reverend Sara Duncan was hired as the new minister. In 2012 Unity in the Dunes moved to a building owed by Unity member Minakshi Ghuman on Burlington Beach Road in Valparaiso. Reverend Sara served Unity in the Dunes for four years.  Reverend John Welter Williams came on board and served as minister for one and half years. In June of 2016, Reverend Carol came out of retirement to serve as minister of Unity in the Dunes once again.


Since the beginning of the study group in 1978 and until today, many wonderful people and other Unity Churches helped to grow Unity in the Dunes.  With their support and consciousness they all played an important role in creating Unity in the Dunes.


“Today we continue on,” says Reverend Carol.  “As Unity in the Dunes minister it warms my heart to see the Unity in the Dunes sign on Burlington Beach Road.  After all these years we still shine our light into the world.

“With all the changes the years bring, there remains a constant: Unity’s core teachings. They are the rock, the foundation, which is simple, yet profound. Blessed are those who live them. Prosperity comes through giving ourselves in service and in joyful expressions of what we have received by application of practical Truth principles.” Rev. Richard Billings